Monday, December 6, 2010

Lecture Review #1 Paho Mann

Paho Mann is an artist working in photography and various digital processes.  Much of his work is an examination of the mass produced versus individualism.  Each body of this work has a consistent theme that has brought him into his current pieces.
Mann truly began to find himself when he worked on his junk drawers and medicine cabinet project.  In an attempt to see if their was a difference between peoples junk drawers through their varying economic levels, Mann discovered that despite a difference in income, we are similar in what we hoard, what we buy, what we want, what we keep, what we need.
Mann then began to work on is re-inhabited Circle K project, in which he photographed, in the same centralized manner, a re-inhabited convenience store.  He began to really study what we create in society and how we either recycle it or throw it out.  
His final project is very interesting.  He has taken photographs of trash at the dump and has created a database that organizes the trash by certain categories so that one might see what and how much we throw out.  He then compiled an image using multiple image layers.  One of the final images was an image of all opaque/white plastic bottles which caused the viewer to look at the bottles in a different way.
Mann’s work was very eye opening in that it allows the viewer to think about the amount of waste we produce.  We buy things, hoard things and dispose of things which has a grave affect on the world and our environment.  By putting this information into an online database he has given the viewer the opportunity to see this shocking fact that humans waste so much and hoard things as if the more things we have, the more success we attain.

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