Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ben Hoffman Exhibition

The Cartesian Medium

Ben Hoffman graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a degree in mathematics and currently works at International Gaming Technology (IGT). Inspired by mathematics and how is parallels to the world around him, Hoffman created the Cartesian method, a term he coined. The cartesian method is a process that involves creating equations and making visual graphs of those equations which yields a recognizable image. Cartesian refers to math visualization technique invented by the seventeenth century French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes. Hoffman was inspired by his mathematics to create artwork that used this technique. All of Hoffman's work is a product of his curiosity about the role that mathematics plays in the universe and in our daily lives.

All of his images are printed large scale and have a natural quality to them. He did a specific image called Bamboo, in 2005, of the stalk of multiple bamboo plants. While they are all digitally made, they look realistic. In order to create the images Hoffman puts the equation into digital format so that custom software can graph the equation. The computer generates the final graph which in turn creates the image. Another image, Nature Scene #1, 2010, is a snowy tree. The details of this image are absolutely breathtaking. Each of his images have used multiple equations to create shape, color, definition, and shading.

Hoffman has managed to create beautiful images using a created computer program and the mathematical equations that he plugs in. After viewing this exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art, I have gained a greater appreciation for the digital means by which beautiful realistic images can be created. The amount of time that must have gone into the creation of each image must have been extensive and I appreciate the means by which he created each picture.

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